Early Drawings

These are some of my first drawings, done between 1970 and 1985. I have many drawings like these but limited this collection to a few of my favorite. They’re arranged in chronological order.

Life Drawings

These are all from Stewart Freshwater’s life drawing sessions at the Arts Factory in Las Vegas, Nevada, which I attended from 2001 to 2015. Drawing from life is extremely important for an artist. I am very grateful to Stewart and his models for providing this opportunity for so many years. I have done hundreds of these drawings and have picked a few of my favorites for DOXART. The media here is either charcoal, pencil, ballpoint pen, watercolor, or mixed.


Thank you for viewing my artwork on Doxart. I’m also a 30-year veteran of graphic design, and I call that part of my art life Doxwrk.

Doxart and Doxwrk, together are DOXWRX (formerly known as Young at ART).

Clicking the logo below will take you to my graphics website where you can view examples of my graphics, illustration, website design, video, and so on.

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