Early Paintings

Some of my first paintings, dating from 1972 to 1992. The orange landscape was a copy exercise, from Under the Birches by Theodore Rousseau. The woman’s portrait is also a copy study, from Meditation by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

Recent Paintings

I did not paint for most of the 90s or 2000s, since I was quite busy with my graphics business and professional music.

After a long break, I started painting again around 2015. The work below is from then to the present time.

The compositions are compiled from my personal photographs, except that I added ravens to a reimagined Lance Mazmanian photo (blue and orange desert landscape at the top).

Marilyn Monroe Project

I painted the Marilyn series from a 1953 photoshoot by Alfred Eisenstaedt. He shot series of photos at Marylin’s Hollywood home and the stripes are her backyard fence in the original photos, which I thought was an excellent design element for my paintings.

Watercolor Paintings

Los Arcos

Puerto Vallarta

Abraham & Issac

Zion National Park

El Capitan

Central Coast Camping

Sis and Max

Fall Walk


Thank you for viewing my artwork on Doxart. I’m also a 30-year veteran of graphic design, and I call that part of my art life Doxwrk.

Doxart and Doxwrk, together are DOXWRX (formerly known as Young at ART).

Clicking the logo below will take you to my graphics website where you can view examples of my graphics, illustration, website design, video, and so on.

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