Welcome to DOXART

The Artwork of Mark doc Young

The DOXART site contains my paintings, drawings, and sketches from the early 70s to the present. I’ve chosen some favorite pieces from several different phases, over the years, and arranged them in loose chronological order.

I’m currently attempting to transition into a more serious painter. I feel like my path has been far longer than some, but I remain true to the form and may never consider myself “there”. I believe art is subjective to a certain extent. However, I don’t subscribe to the notion that there is no bad art. For me, the best art tells me the artist knows who they are and what they’re doing. On a technical level: I believe that creating a convincing image involves skillful and effective use of artistic elements coupled with solid design principles. That being said, I can also very much appreciate the freshness of paint splattered on a canvas.

Drawing from a live model is one of the great artistic challenges and a truly invaluable experience. The infinite and constantly changing anatomical forms provide an excellent way to develop drawing skills. For a long time, the majority of my artistic efforts were spent with my graphics business, Young At ART. Life drawing has always helped to keep me connected to a world of finer and more challenging explorations.

The search for the truth in art is many-faceted. At the moment, the beauty of shapes, color, light, and arrangements of form is much more important to me than telling a story.

One of my biggest challenges has been to find a personal voice as an artist. Some people are born with amazing natural abilities to draw. That’s not me. My journey has been long and hard, but I find every aspect enjoyable.

Quite naturally my art choices, presented here, connect me to significant periods of my life or various inspirational experiences. Looking at them collectively, I see the landmarks of my artistic development and get a sense of my artistic direction.

Thanks for your interest.